Threads to Abstraction: the Pre-Columbian Andean Textiles

Founded in 1983 by Paul Hughes, Paul Hughes Fine Arts focuses on the arts in ancient times, the cohesive effect they had on society’s then and in bringing those values back into the arts of today. With a firm belief in visual arts as a means to communicate the finer aspects of life from past into the present, Paul Hughes Fine Arts presents the Andean Pre-columbian textiles to you, the threads that link and aesthetic kinship of the ancient craftsmanship and the modern arts.

“All art was once contemporary,” as Paul Hughes himself believes. The textile arts of the ancient Andes are one of the most important contributions to the worlds artist legacy. Combined with a technical virtuosity that’s hardly surpassed, these artists were deeply aware of their reciprocal relationship with nature and their gods as cosmic forces. The heavenly world and the earthly world are at their call. The Andeans believed that a divine response to their invocations was contingent upon a display of respect and veneration by mortals. It is for this reason that such exquisite textiles, glowing with luminescent colours and vibrant designs, radiate a profound faith and an exquisite transcendental sense of unique splendour.

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Paul Hughes Fine Arts had also been entrusted with the estate of Shiro Kuramata which we have handled exclusively from 1988 – 1998.