Jandyra Waters Brazil, b. 1921

Jandyra Waters (1921 > ) began her career in the sixties. Her organic

abstraction not only privileges the primordial trait but also the longestlived

anthropomorphic imaginaries, which invites the spectator to complete

the experience. From this gestural abstraction, the artist begins to develop

in her most recent works forms that explore the potential of geometric

laws: such as progression, unity and rhythm that combine the constitutive

elements, such as lines, areas and colors.


A feature that stands out in these works is the juxtaposition of the principles studied by the concretists of her generation, to which Jandyra adds a playful accent, with vibrant colors and daring combinations, warning that art is a kind of accident of matter. At

over 100 years old, she is now recognized by critics for her work that ranges

from rigid geometry to representations of the “diform-forms” of nature.