Delba Marcolini Brazil, 1931-2020

Delba Marcolini, (1931/2020) gathers food for the spirit, evoked in a

shamanistic way in straw, seeds, branches and multicolored plumage. Poet

of the playful that he is, he transforms his threads that involve, wind and

trace other paths in this way. It assembles, reassembles, superimposes,

opens spaces for light to penetrate and transform into living matter. It is a

direct questioning of the poetic force of nature, gathering in its expression

of being sensitive a vibrant alert to those who trample the earth and its

oblivions and do not see the blind soul. The artist transforms straw into

her graphic vocabulary, evoking the earth and killing it as a cradle for her

expression. Feel, see, live nature, this is its cry that echoes through its

textures and forms of intriguing proposals of true purity of content. With a

strong ethnographic content, his work surprises for its simplicity, showing

the pure and true side of a people and its roots, a dialogue between land and

man in gigantic strength.