Mira Schendel Swiss, 1919-1988

Mira Schendel (1919 - 1988) is known for the diversity of series of works

she developed exploring the relationship between language, supports and

techniques used. It is not by chance that the artist’s training in Milan

includes the study of art-philosophy, and during her artistic life, as early

as 1946, in the post-war period in Europe, she will absorb theories on the

revalidation of art as a gesture, as zone of activity, where a thought appears

linked to the etymologies and the contrasts of the form.


The dresses (design and painting on fabric) are Mira’s rarest works because they come from the artist’s inseparable spirit of breaking the art-life membrane. She used

to make everyday objects. From a passion for embroidery and knitting,

practices that in some cases emigrated from her works, also detaching these

forms. Whether as an appeal to transform writing, whether as written lines

transforming themselves into “things”, or to invent a new reality in their

surroundings, or even to unravel the ambiguity between “text” and “fabric”

is that she creates these dresses. Like his work in general, which today is

considered a seminal legacy of Brazilian modernism, this series oscillates

between minimalism and synthesis, between presence and absence.