Ancient Textiles from the Andes / Whitworth Art Gallery Museum

28 March - 15 September 2019
Opening March 29th 2019, the exhibition “Ancient Textiles from the Andes” at the Manchester Whitworth Gallery will present the Paul Hughes collection to compliment the Whitworth’s own collection of these splendorous woven artworks. Spanning the period 300 BC - 1200 AD, the exhibition is the most comprehensive insight to the Andean textile world ever mounted within the UK, a journey to unlock these exceptional cultures and artists to reveal their technical virtuosity and aesthetic refinements, also their role of revolutionising art history from the Bauhaus to other seminal artists and styles of our own era. Both Josef and Anni Albers were avid collectors as well as their Bauhaus collaborator and mentor Paul Klee. “Dedicated to my great teachers, the weavers of ancient Peru”, Ann Albers prefaced to her book “On Weaving”.