Frieze Masters 2022: RESONANCES / 2000 Years Female Arts of South America

12 - 16 October 2022

Resonances is a collaboration between Paul Hughes Fine arts and Gallery MAPA at Frieze Masters London Oct 12th to 16th. The presentation will include a select group of abstract Ancient Pre-Colombian Andean textiles from the Paul Hughes collection juxtaposed with the works of the 20th century accomplished Brazilian woman artists  Mira Schendel, Jandyra Waters,  Delba Marcolini and Sachiko Koshikoku.


All the works exhibited are realised by female artists from the ancient world to the modern era, the selection of modern paintings and textiles attests to the presence of female creativity in South American arts that spans a time frame of 2000 years is a testament to the enduring ingenuity of South American female innovations to express themselves in a most poetic and sophisticated abstract manner.